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Personal Formula was founded in 2002 by consumer advocate Wayne Warrington, after an exhaustive investigation into the diet and weight loss industry. What he discovered was both eye opening and disturbing to say the least. He discovered decades of evidence and reports by scientists, doctors and medical experts covering protocols that potentially reverse many diseases and even the entire aging process, yet these reports were suppressed or simply ignored by government agencies and pharmaceutical companies. Personal Formula has combined these protocols to help its members achieve their optimal state of wellness. 

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Body Scan

Body Scan

Complete Body Scan
Analysis using non-invasive
frequency technology.



Rebalance Your Body down to a cellular level. Restore Cellular dysfunction. Improve the body’s natural healing processes.
Your Blueprint

Your Blueprint

Provide you with a complete Blueprint as to how to restore you to optimum wellness.

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Get your Personal Formula Blueprint for Optimum Wellness started today. Regular Pricing $997.00

Only $295.00 for New Wellness Center Members


Get your Personal Formula Blueprint for Optimum Wellness Istarted today. Regular Pricing $997.00

Only $295.00 for New Wellness Center Members




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Introducing protocols that supports the body's natural ability to heal, regenerate and thrive.

The human body is one of the most beautiful and amazing creations in the universe. And to many, one of God’s true miracles.
Our body is in a constant state of regenerating and rebuilding each day. Through centuries of study, including the teaching of Andreas Vesalius, science has proven many things that to man seemed inconceivable. Such as: the regeneration of a human organ “the liver”, the body being composed of over 37 trillion cells, each cell having its own unique function while working in concert with other cells each requiring nutrients, oxygen and water to dispose of waste products, that the human body has an energy field along with tens of thousands of frequencies that need to stay in tune in order for our body to maintain proper health.

It is through this understanding of the complexity and amazing ability of the body to heal itself that drives Consumer Advocate Wayne Warrington to help educate others about the protocols available today to reverse the aging process and even many diseases.

Wayne Warrington

What PEMF users are saying ...

I have personally used the PEMF Mat treatments for over 8 years now and the results are incredible. Better circulation, no arthritis in joints that for years was building up from injuries.  This along with what I believe to have been the game changer for heart disease for me, has convinced me that everyone can benefit from the wellness protocols developed at Personal Formula.

~ Wayne Warrington, Consumer Advocate, Scottsdale, Az

Bambi Williams was always a delight to work with. Going to Personal Formula was the highlight of that day. The use of the PEMT Mat was relaxing and in the long run resolved my leg pain issue. Although I don't totally understand how it works I do know that it is results that count. I signed up for two treatments per week for 3 months. I feel much better and the leg issue is resolved. A true investment worth every penny.

- Richard Taylor - Mesa, Az

"When I started working with Wayne Warrington at his facility in Mesa, Arizona he recommended that I try the PEMF mat on a daily basis as part of his anti-aging protocol he was developing. Within a few weeks I noticed a significant increase in my energy and ability to climb stairs with not being out of breath.  Now, 3 years later I discovered another benefit of the protocols at Personal Formula.  It has reversed the cancer issued I have struggled with in my body for many years. This is one of the reasons I have joined the Personal Formula team as a facility manager in Mesa Arizona.”

- Bambi Williams - Mesa, Az

Using Personal Formula's Complete Body Scan protocol greatly enhances our ability as doctors to diagnois patient injuries in a non-invasive process. This along with the PEMF mat treatments are changing the way we can help patients see faster results and reduce recovery time from injuries.

Dr J Las Vegas Nevada

As a chronic pain sufferer. starting the Personal Formula Program is one of the best decisions I could of made! Using the PEMF Mat along with my own individual Personal Formula Program is a game changer for me! I’m a full time mom with a full time job. I have been suffering from joint pain and migraines for the past 2 years. There were times when I could not even take care of my eight year old daughter, because the pain was so debilitating. I could not remember a day without pain, that is until I started using the Personal Formula program. I have arthritis in my right knee which has improved so much since I began the program. I have not had a sever migraine in over 3 months. I have more flexibility and mobility. Because my Personal Formula Program is uniquely branded just for me, I am finally on a program that truly works and has given me not just my life back, but a better quality of life.

Shelley Irons, Las Vegas, Nevada

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