Personal Formula LLC


Personal Formula (PF) was founded in 2002 by Consumer Advocate Wayne Warrington. The vision Wayne had for PF was to help educate consumers throughout North America on the body’s ability to heal itself, along with the dangers associated with the typical American diet and fast food. Along the way in creating PF’s blueprint protocol, Wayne discovered some of the most advanced and innovative products/equipment in the world today that when combined and working in concert with one another, can reverse the aging process of almost anyone. By reversing the aging process “slowing it down from its current condition” several side benefits started to appear with PF members. Reversal of Cancer, Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes. Any member of Personal Formula that has been diagnose with any illness or disease, such as Cancer, Heart Disease or Diabetes, should continue to seek medical advice from their licensed doctor. Whenever possible, PF works in concert with our member’s doctors to ensure all protocols adopted by the member are reviewed by their physician and take into consideration any medications the member may be taking on a regular basis. Our services are designed as educational not treatments to cure disease, since only the human body can stop or slow down the progression of any disease within its system. There is no magic pill provided by PF, all products and services that may be presented to members as protocol options are currently under or have been clinically studied, doctor reviewed and in some cases FDA approved for specific use.

Per the requirements of the FDA, we are providing the following disclaimer. “These statements (anywhere on this website) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products and/or services discussed, represented or founded on the Personal Formula website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”